Your river of life feeds the streams that sustain me. You are constantly flowing through my life, my home, my city. You are always there with me. Your home is all around me. You were there through the long night watch. You draw me into wakefulness to see you in the fresh light of a new day.

Psalm 46:4-5

Imagine your life as a river.

  • Trace it back to its source.  Who is there?  How did you enter into the world?
  • Follow the stream as it grows.  What other streams join it?  What other streams branch off?
  • Where does it pass through pleasant pastures?
  • Where does it linger in swampy ground?
  • Where does it accelerate into rapids?  What are the rocks over which it bubbles?
  • Where are the waterfalls that cascade down?  What was going on?
  • Where does it double back?
  • Where is it broadest?
  • Where is it deepest?
  • Are there places where it divides or become smaller?
  • Are there any “oxbow” lakes that got cut off?  What happened?
  • Are there any dams where it seems to get stopped up?  Where is the outlet?
  • How does it flow through frozen territory?
  • Where does it become a flood?
  • Where has your life cut a deep canyon, cut off from the land around it?
  • Where does it broaden into a wide delta?

Now look back and ask:

  • Where is God in all of this?
  • What moments stir up deep gratitude in you?  Why?
  • Pay attention to the moments of deep joy and connection.  What is going on?
  • Do any of your moments connect with stories in scripture?
    • Which ones?  How do they connect?  What might God show you through that story?
  • Notice the painful places. 
    • Where is God?  How do you perceive God in these moments?
    • How is Christ present with you?  
    • What does the cross mean to you in these moments?
  • How does your river interact with other bodies of water or with the land around it?
    • Where do you see blessing, abundance, connection, life?
    • How do you see God’s love flowing through your life?