Read the Sermon on the Mount in its entirety, Matthew 4:17-7:29.  Jesus calls it “the Kingdom of the Heavens” in Matthew because in the Hebrew understanding, heaven wasn’t just a place far away where God lived, but also described the atmosphere, even the very air we breathe.  The Kingdom of God is as close as your next breath.  

As you read the Sermon on the Mount, keep a log of images of the Kingdom of God.  How does Jesus describe it both directly and indirectly?  Make a list titled: “The Kingdom of God is present when…” and write down examples that you notice.  Look back on all that you’ve written and notice in your life experience, have there been moment when you have seen the presence of God’s kingdom?

If you’re really ambitious, read Mark’s gospel and write down every image of the Kingdom of God you see.  How does Jesus describe it?  What does Jesus do that reveals it?  How can we begin to see it and interact with it in our daily lives?