Watch the following 4:18 video: The Beauty of Pollination: Moving Art,


  After watching the clip have a conversation with someone you love.

  • What did you notice?  What do you wonder?
  • What did you find most beautiful?

Read Psalm 104:10-24 slowly.  Let the words wash over you.  Before you read, ask this question to your family to think about as they listen.  

  • “What word, phrase or image stands out for you as you hear this scripture?”

Invite each person to share what stood out to them as they listened to the scripture.  

After everyone has had a chance to share, read the same passage again slowly, giving another question before starting:  

  • “What does this scripture teach you about God’s attention to detail?”

Invite each person to share what it says to them about God’s attention to detail.  After everyone has had a chance to share, have a conversation about these things:

  • What happens to you when you spend time in nature?  
  • How does nature and beauty change you?  
  • How would you describe your general awareness of God’s beauty in Creation?  
  • How can you create or access beauty in your daily life?  

Plan a project with your family or a friend.

  • Think about places you go that are not beautiful, or where the beauty is somehow obscured or hidden.  What can you do to beautify it?  
  • Do something together to create beauty this week.  
  • Afterwards, look back at your work and talk about how it makes you feel.  
  • How have you shared in the work of the Pollinators you saw in the video?
  • Read Genesis 1:31.  
  • Take pictures and share them with Lynn, PT, and the group!
  • Pray together a prayer for what you have done, praying for others who may enjoy the beauty you created and giving thanks to God for a chance to share in the work of creating beauty.