Use a stamp pad and put your unique thumbprint on a piece of paper.  

Draw a picture of some of the things you’re good at, that you’re passionate about, that you really enjoy doing.  They can be things that bring joy to you, joy to others, or even better, joy to both you and others.  Incorporate the thumbprint into your picture so that it expresses your unique place in the world.  

If you don’t want to draw, use words.  Write about what you’re good at and how you feel when you’re doing it.  Write about what you’re passionate about, what stirs you to offer your best effort.  What brings you joy?  What do you do that brings joy to others?  What brings joy both to you and to others?  Pay attention every day to when you felt good about yourself and what you were doing.  Write it down.  Keep a list and go over it at the end of a week, or at the end of the month.  What do you notice?  What do you wonder?  How can you use this passion to serve the people around you?