It can feel quite intimidating to think about letting God speak through you, but remember, it is not about generating words for God, it is about attuning yourself to the heart of God so that God’s love flows throughyou.  This work begins in prayer.  Express your desire to partner with God in his work of loving others.  When you feel God’s invitation, bring to mind a person for whom you feel compassion.  Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart o receive whatever words may be given to you about that person.  You may hear specific words, or see images, or just feel God’s overwhelming love for that person joining with yours.  Remember God often speaks in whispers, so when you feel an inner nudge, pay attention!  When you are with the person for whom you are praying, be especially aware of any interior movements in your heart or mind that seem to bear the imprint of love and grace.  God speaks in many ways, not just in words.

When the time is right, go to the person for whom you’ve been praying and share any words or pictures that came into your awareness as you were praying for him or her.  You may start simply by saying, “I’ve been praying for you, and as I’ve been praying, this came up for me…”. Share your heart and listen deeply for the Holy Spirit’s prompting throughout your conversation.  Invite that person to pray with you about the things you discussed.

Write down any reflections about this experiment and how you felt doing it.